Since 1986, Lise Christophe Laverdière specializes in auditory reeducation to help children with their learning difficulties.
She uses voice resonance as well as different educational tools that allow:

- identification of the various defence mechanisms that the children create as a protection to ease their suffering as they are experiencing difficulties in their academic learning (fear of failure, fear of disappointing, loss of concentration etc.)
- correction of these problems by giving them back their self-esteem with an holistic approach reconnecting themselves with their bodies, their voices and their listening skills.

Referring to the work of Dr Alfred Tomatis and several other researchers, she understood the need to develop a pedagogy of language favouring the links between the two cerebral hemispheres; an essential approach towards the development of all humans.

She creates the «ISO-SON» auditory reeducation center where she welcomes the children, their parents and adults in professional training.

Her approach is recognized as a school complement by the Quebec Ministry of Education.