My priority therefore consists in refining their listening so that the information the child perceives from inside, is precisely expressed to the outside world through his language.

The child does not show any signs of hearing loss, he/she can hear very well. 
Nevertheless, at the inner ear level, the sound is not properly analyzed, or its transfer to the brain is too slow.p>

To establish a precise evaluation on the ability to attune the sounds from the inside to the outside, I take into consideration the profile of the central listening test. This profile precisely indicates what is inadequate in the curve described by the answers on the same graphic.

Following are various symptoms detected in children with learning difficulties:

  • moody child;
  • very easily distracted;
  • difficulty in differentiating right from left;
  • language difficulties;
  • make reversals (letters, syllables, words);
  • incomplete geometrical figures;
  • does not catch hidden meaning;
  • refuses to do the homework at home;
  • academic failure;
  • shy or aggressive behaviour;
  • fails to make friends;
  • intolerance to failure;


Our efforts aim to give back the ear its primary ability which consists in giving an accurate analysis of the sound captured from a verbal information of his total environment over 360 degrees.

The child is therefore able to adequately specify the spelling of the sound captured.

He will live a satisfying experience of success in the fact of learning how to read, write and understand the logic of mathematics.